Alice Ward
First Appearance S01E02
Last Appearance S02E06
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Schoolgirl
Status Alive
UK Emilia Jones

Background Edit

Alice is a schoolgirl befriended by Grant, possibly around eleven years old. Grant, whilst fleeing The Network, breaks into a private school and sits underneath a tree, reading the manuscript. Alice approaches him, initially polite yet questioning, but Grant responds with hostlity, so she responds with mutual curtness. She gives Grant the nickname of "twat" as she reads the manuscript over his shoulder. When she runs to return to her lessons, Grant begs for her not to leave, so she tells him, "Same time tomorrow, twat."

Grant breaks into Alice's house as she and her mother eat dinner and do homework. She allows him to sleep on the floor so long as she can read the manuscript. Before leaving the next morning to find Becky and Wilson, Grant leans in to possibly kiss Alice, but she wakes and he goes to leave. Before he goes, however, he leaves the manuscript with her under the bed, promising to return for it.

When Grant is framed for a school shooting, he becomes the most well-known child in the UK and eyes are turned to Alice who was seen with Grant. Grant admitted to leaving the manuscript with her, so Arby is made to visit her by Conran Letts as Ian is told to visit her by Milner, who believes Jessica Hyde will be there. Arby, posing as a police officer, takes Alice, her mother and a child liasion officer to Alice's house. However, before they arrive, Grant and Jessica remove the manuscript but hide in the bathroom when Arby enters. Alice, unable to find the manuscript, informs Arby it's missing, so he shoots the child liasion officer and then points the gun at Alice's mother. When Grant shouts that he has the manuscript, Jessica refuses to let him give it to Arby, resulting in the death of Alice's mother. Finally, Jessica gives in to Grant and allows Alice and Grant to escape.

Wilson is completely against taking Alice with the group as Alice completely broke down after her mother's death, screaming and sobbing. They keep her, however, and Grant becomes protective of her. During her time at the manor she compulsively breaks down whilst worrying about handing in a school essay.

When the group find Lane Monroe, Alice shoots him after being given a shotgun by Grant, believing him to have killed her mother.

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