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Becky is a bright and opinionated soon-to-be postgraduate student. Her mother died when she was little, and her father contracted a mysterious illness when she was in her late teens.

Convinced there is a conspiracy surrounding her father's death and that it is connected to the Utopia manuscript, Becky is determined to find out the truth.

In Prime Video's remake of Utopia, her full name is Becky Todd. She is a young individual of a somewhat uncertain background who is part of a group of online fans of the comic Dystopia.

U.S. Series[]

Seeking Utopia[]

Ian and Becky at Fringecon

Becky Todd is part of an online chat group regarding the comic Dystopia which also includes Ian Ackerman, Grant Bishop, Samantha J. and Wilson Wilson. She is excited along with the others when Samantha sends them all text messages informing them that the conclusion to Dystopia, Utopia, has been discovered and is being auctioned for sale at the comics convention Fringecon. She lives alone, having no living close family.

She travels to Chicago for Fringecon where, like the others, she attends the auction for the Utopia comic. She asks the hosts of the auction, Olivia and Ethan Lander, if there is anything in the comic about a molecule or a virus, but they keep quiet about this and only let her see one page of it. Following the plan, she bids $500 in order to try to drive down interest in the comic and allow the group to swoop in later and purchase it at a low price. She then heads out to the floor of the convention, where she encounters Ian. The two chat a bit about their excitement at seeing the comic, but then they decide they've had enough of talking about and so they chat about stuff of a more personal nature. Becky asks him if he has a girlfriend and he admits that he's actually been waiting for almost a year to find out what her story was and would have waited two if he had to. They kiss. Later, they meet up with the others of their group, sans Grant, who has yet to show. Having not yet heard back regarding their bids o the comic, they decide to retire to Wilson Wilson's place.

Back at Wilson's, the group retires to his underground bunker and Wilson tells them that he thinks he found something new in Dystopia - a symbol in Mr. Rabbit's eye, and Becky recognizes it as being the Diels virus, the virus that causes the degenerative condition that she suffers. Ian then shares a picture of a page of Utopia he managed to sneak using his smartphone, which makes them all the more determined to get the full comic. Still not having heard anything back, however, Samantha has Becky text Olivia, claiming that they have the money necessary to outbid everyone else. They receive a response back, asking if Grant is with them and they lie that he is. They then leave Wilson in the bunker, going out for coffee and donuts.

An old Dutch custom[]

Becky charms information out of a woman at a funeral

As they walk back to the house, they are shocked when a car suddenly slams into a mailbox in front of them and Wilson, missing an eye, shouts at them to get in: that Utopia is real and that Jessica Hyde is at the wheel of the car. Hyde drives them to a safe house, where she forces them to discard all of their possessions, then leaves to go to a Goodwill, returning with new clothes that she makes them change into. When Ian balks at the whole thing, she threatens to kill him until Samantha talks him down, but then she kills Samantha, telling the group that she's in charge now.

Jessica Hyde drives the group to a church, where the funeral of Olivia, the woman who was selling the comic book, is being held. She enters with Becky, warning Ian and Wilson that she'll kill her if they try to escape. Once inside, Becky leads Jessica Hyde to a woman she thinks is a likely gossip. She proves clever, getting the woman to admit that the comic was a gift to Olivia's grandfather from a patient at an insane asylum he worked at. Becky even cons the woman into giving the address of the home where the comic was discovered, claiming an old Dutch custom of leaving flowers at the home of the deceased. Once they're at the home, Ian again expresses his desire to get out, but Becky tells him that she wants to live and she thinks there might be something in Utopia that could help cure her Diels syndrome. She calls herself a selfish person, admitting that she's willing to overlook Samantha's death in favor of her own interests. She tells him that he can go if he wants, that there's no real reason to stay, and joins the others in searching the house for clues.

The group discovers an envelope labeled "River Park Asylum Art Therapy." Ian tells Becky that he's there to stay, that she makes him want to be brave, and they study the artwork in the envelope, which is clearly by the same artist who drew the Dystopia and Utopia comics, specifically, Jessica Hyde's father. Back on the road, they learn that the asylum was torched and everyone in it apparently killed. This sends Jessica Hyde into a depression, but she eventually snaps out of it, declaring that her father can't be dead. She declares that she's going to find Artemis, her old childhood protector, and tries to bring Becky along with it, but Ian declares that he'll go instead. While the two are gone, Becky and Wilson receive a message from Grant, the missing member of their group. The message states that they'll find him at "Mr. Rabbit's hideout," which they recognize as a clue leading them to the Chicago Public Library. On the way there, they get stuck in traffic and Becky decides to exit the car and pursue him on foot. She manages to rescue him from a police officer who is trying to take him in as an unaccompanied minor. She teases him, asking if his "Porsche got a flat," referencing the grandiose claims he made to the group to try to convince them that he was an adult.


Becky and Ian meet Katherine Milner at an abandoned Toys R Us store

Jessica and Ian arrive back, explaining that they found Artemis, then Hyde killed her and buried her in the woods. Becky reveals that they found Grant. When Grant threatens Hyde with a pair of scissors, wary of her, Becky manages to talk them away from him, but the two of them get into a tussle. They eventually reach an understanding and Grant surrenders the Utopia comic. The group begins studying the comic and discovers a clue - numbers on a clock. Becky inserts commas into them, believing them to be the world population, but Wilson figures out that they are actually a telephone number. Jessica Hyde calls the number, but the woman on the other end, Katherine Milner, claims to know neither her nor Utopia. Once she hangs up, however, a recording begins playing with a set of directions and a message to leave immediately after removing all clues to their presence. The directions take them to an abandoned Toys R Us store and Hyde, wary, sends in Becky and Ian to meet with Milner. At first, Milner mistakes Becky for Jessica Hyde, then realizes the truth. She asks where Jessica Hyde is and Becky replies that they don't know her. Milner chastises them for wasting her time and starts to leave, but Becky tells her that while they don't know Jessica Hyde, they know Utopia. Ian asks her what she knows about the Harvest. At this, she gives them an elaborate explanation, explaining in brief the history of the Harvest, Mr. Rabbit and her partnership with Jessica Hyde's father. They ask if they can seek asylum with her, but she tells them they can't, as they don't have either Jessica Hyde or Utopia. As she leaves, Becky asks her "Where's Home?" and she replies "Where the heart is."

The group travels to another safe house, where Becky has a seizure due to her Diels syndrome. She runs to a bathroom and Ian helps her through it, telling her to breathe. Later, the two sit together in the bathtub, and Becky tries to push him away, telling her that he's seen how bad her Diels syndrome is and there's no cure. He promises that together, they'll find a way through it. Jessica Hyde, however, warns them against getting into a relationship, telling them that it's a distraction they can't afford. Shortly afterwards, the group discovers the hard truth about the bad things that the Harvest has done to their families. Wilson is briefly enraged upon learning that Becky is "fine," thinking that she might be a member of the Harvest. As it turns out, however, Becky simply had no close family for them to go after. Becky tells Ian that he should go home and look after his family, but he again tells her that he's not running.

The group discovers that they don't have all of Utopia, that Grant left some of the pages with a friend named Alice. Grant and Hyde leave to retrieve the pages and when they return, they bring a sobbing Alice as well. "Comfort her," Hyde tells Becky, "Her mom just got killed." Becky is left comfort the grieving Alice as best she can while Hyde studies the complete Utopia. Later, Grant and Becky retire to a room and have sex, despite Hyde's warnings against a relationship. Wilson catches them in the act, but promises not to tell Hyde. He does, however, summon them out of the room to discuss a clue that he found. He thinks that Dr. Michael Stearns, who has been pushing a vaccine for the flu, is Mr. Rabbit. Becky, however, thinks that Stearns isn't Mr. Rabbit, but rather one of his minions. Just as they finally conclude that Stearns is, in fact, Mr. Rabbit, Becky goes into another Diels syndrome seizure. Jessica Hyde tries to help her but her method of helping her involves slashing her throat and then sticking a funnel into it. It collapses and it looks like she's dead, leaving Ian in shock. Just then, however, she sits up and removes the funnel, perfectly fine.

A good life[]

Becky and Jessica Hyde in a calm moment

They travel to Michael Stearns's place, where they discover that Stearns is actually being manipulated by his wife, Colleen, an agent for the Harvest. Colleen quickly reveals her true colors and is killed by Alice after fighting Jessica Hyde. Jessica Hyde continues to torture Stearns, still not entirely convinced that he isn't Mr. Rabbit, but eventually concludes that he is not. The group follows the latest clue he gives them - that he's discovered that his flu is being transmitted through a traveling petting zoo. Jessica Hyde, Stearns, Becky and Wilson travel to the petting zoo, torching the place and claiming a single rabbit for Stearns to test. While they wait for the results, Becky steps out and tries and fails to get a snack from a vending machine. Jessica Hyde asks her why she wouldn't want to just die, given her condition. Becky explains her philosophy on life: so long as you're alive, you still have a chance for something better. She tells Jessica Hyde that living a good life is a win.

Stearns discovers that the virus is not the flu that he discovered. They realize that this must mean that Dr. Kevin Christie is Mr. Rabbit, as he's the one who's been pushing the vaccine. Becky suggests that they visit Katherine Milner, that she's the Blue Fairy in the Dystopia and Utopia comics, but in real life she's with Homeland Security and could help them. When they visit her, however, she refuses to help them, saying that they're offering her nothing but a paranoid theory. They declare that they'll do it themselves and return to Stearns's place, where things take a turn when John, an assassin of the Harvest once known as Arby, delivers them the duct-taped body of Kevin Christie.

A betrayal[]

Becky is shocked by Wilson Wilson's betrayal

Jessica Hyde removes the duct-tape, determined to get some answer out of Christie. The second the duct-tape is off his mouth, Kevin Christie starts talking. He has words for Becky in particular, saying that in 2004, she was a school-girl in one of three towns and she confirms that she went to school in Durham. He tells her that one day she had a sore throat and went to the school nurse and it was then that she was infected with Diels syndrome. He says that Diels was back when they were still thinking small: infect a small portion of the population with a fatal illness and make sure it's genetic so that you pass it down. He asks her if she has children and Jessica Hyde grabs him by the throat, saying that he doesn't get to talk to Becky.

They continue interrogating him and he readily admits his entire scheme: that his plot, the Undoing, doesn't have anything to do with killing people. Instead, anyone injected with it will be sterilized: his scheme is to stop human reproduction for three generations and thus end the problem of overpopulation and those things that go with it: climate change, food and water shortages, etc. They ask him how they get into his facility, Christie Labs, and he tells them that there's no point, that they'll all just die. Seeing their resolve, he tells them that they'll need his thumb. To his surprise, Becky immediately chops it off.

The group travels to the labs, sans Wilson Wilson and Jessica Hyde, who remain behind for their own purposes. They manage to break into the secure facility where the vials containing the Undoing are kept. They rain down destruction, Ian and Becky using fire extinguishers to smash the vials and cause massive damage. As box after box of the vials collapses around them, Ian gives Becky a ring and they kiss. They then set the place on fire and escape the building, running off into the countryside.

Ian and Alice get tired and want to just walk for a bit, but Becky and Grant race ahead. They get caught out in the open by a random police patrol and the police recognize Grant, who was framed for a mass-murder by the Harvest. Becky, however, manages to outrun them and they are forced to let her go, much more concerned with Grant. Ian and Alice can only watch, hiding behind some brush, unable to do anything to help. Becky continues to run and eventually encounters another car, which stops in front of her. Wilson Wilson gets out of the car, shouting at her to get in. She does so... only to discover Kevin Christie in the passenger seat, his son Thomas driving the car. Becky tries to get out, but finds the door locked against her. She rages at Wilson, who tries to calm her down, telling her that it's alright. She state bitterly that she trusted him and shouts at Kevin Christie, saying that they've won, that they wiped him out. "Only until I find Jessica Hyde," he replies, saying that he thinks he has a good idea of where to start.


In a deleted scene from "Talking Hurts," Becky meets with a man known only as Tallman who is a collector of last editions of comics. He offers her a large supply of the pills she needs to control her Diels syndrome in exchange for the Utopia manuscript. She, however, rejects the offer after realizing that he only wants to keep the manuscript behind a glass case inside of actually using it to do good. Enraged, he empties the pills into a fish tank. She then leaves, but he pursues her in a car chase, only for Jessica Hyde to wreck his car. Jessica Hyde then interrogates him, confirming that Becky did not accept his offer, before shooting and killing him.