Brosca Carvel
First Appearance S2E1
Last Appearance S2E1
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Housewife (presumed)
Status Deceased
UK Anca-Ioana Androne

"What have you done to my Pietre?"

Brosca Carvel was a character who appears in series 2 of Utopia during the seventies flashback episode. The wife of Philip Carvel and mother of Arby and Jessica Hyde, Brosca suspected that Philip had done something to Arby and after having him arrested for it, died while giving birth to Jessica although it is heavily implyed that her death was actually caused by The Network.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Brosca prior to the beginnning of the flashback episode.

Brosca returns home after taking a young Arby to the doctor, arriving shortly before Carvel goes to attend a gathering of important people from around the world. She tells him that the doctor told her that Arby is suffering from early trauma and accuses him of being the cause.

Brosca and Carvel buy a rabbit for Arby to see if he will like it, hoping that he'll show some emotion but she is left disappointed when he remains as blank as usual. While Carvel and Milner discuss their relationships, Brosca dances with Tom, Milner's husband and briefly witnesses his alcoholism when he drunkenly falls over and almost hurts himself. Later, Carvel and Brosca have sex and afterward, she asks if he hurt Arby, to which he tells her he didn't, a lie. She then informs him she is pregnant with a girl.

When Brosca brings home another rabbit to Arby -unaware that Carvel killed the first one in front of his eyes- she becomes incredibly happy when he smiles while stroking the rabbit. When she brings back food for him, she is horrified when she discovers he killed the rabbit. While compulsively cleaning the entire room to ensure any trace of Arby's action is gone, she discovers papers and sketches that prove Carvel experimented on Arby, for which she has him arrested.

Milner, realising she is a liability and possibly bitter from Carvel's comment that Tom is also a liability, presumably has her killed after giving birth due to her cryptic conversation with Carvel after he is told she didn't survive.

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