First Appearance S01E05
Last Appearance S02E01
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Unknown
Status Deceased
UK William Belchambers (S02E01)

Simon Blackhall (S01E05)

"Philip Carvel? My name is Christos, I've come to get you out of here."

Christos is a character appearing in series 1 and series 2 of Utopia. Almost nothing is known about Christos, Jessica Hyde knowing him best after spending many years on the run with him and even then knowing little about him.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Christos' past. In S02E01, on March 28th 1979, Christos broke into the Three Mile Island nuclear facility (after possibly causing the Three Mile Island accident) and rescued Philip Carvel, untying the recently tortured man before placing a bomb in the room they were leaving. When Carvel killed Dr. Omida and injected Janus into Jessica, he left with them, committing Carvel to a psychiatric hospital under the name Mark Dane before leaving with Jessica, to whom he gave the new last name of Hyde.

Jessica spent around six years with Christos, all this time he taught her everything she now knows. When Jessica was ten, The Network ambushed them at an old factory. Christos managed to hide Jessica before running out as a distraction to ensure they don't get her. Arby -only fifteen at the time- and another Network agent tied him to a tree and tortured him for some time for information on Jessica before Arby killed him.

Series 1Edit

Christos is briefly seen in S01E05 when Jessica has a nightmare about his death. Arby later questions if he loved Jessica. When Arby reveals to Jessica that he killed Christos, he tells her that although he agonisingly tortured him, he didn't say one word about Jessica or her whereabouts, proving he loved her.

Gallery Edit

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