Conran Letts


First Appearance S01E01
Last Appearance S01E05
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation CEO
Status Presumed dead
UK Stephen Rea

"I've done so many terrible things. But what we are doing is right."
Conran Letts is the CEO of Corvadt Ltd., a pharmaceutical mega-corporation based in London that specializes in vaccine development and epidemiology. He is aligned with The Network. Though Letts appears to be the one giving orders, he is actually a figurehead under the control of his assistant.

He is primarily seen interacting with other characters, such as the Assistant, Geoff Lawson, Arby, Lane Monroe and Michael Dugdale. He describes himself as a "scientist" and may have worked with Philip Carvel (as he speaks of Carvel's "genius.") He is an ardent believer in the moral rightness of Janus and is the first character to tell Becky, Ian, and Wilson about Janus' true nature as fertility control after they kidnap him. However, he is implied to have qualms, as he went to Monroe's apartment to "warn him." Letts attempts to get Becky, Ian, and Wilson on side and manages to convert Wilson, who lets Letts go free and stabs himself to mimic a struggle.

Letts held captive by Wilson and the gang

After being released by Wilson, Letts is strangled with rope by Geoff at the Assistant's insistence, having outlived his usefulness and given a sample of the Russian Flu vaccine to the gang. His medical history is edited to show a history of depression and, according to the Assistant, his body is hung from a bridge after his death in a staged suicide. Letts' death is heavily implied but never shown on screen.
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