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"Charlotte was the good girl. Lily won't listen to me. And our story is not gonna hold up to serious scrutiny. We can't withstand all this media attention."
—Dale Warwick complaining to Kevin Christie, "Respect Your Purpose"

Dale Warwick is a character on Prime Video's Utopia. He claims to be a scientist knowledgeable in virology who graduated from Stanford and is the father of a teenage girl named Charlotte. In actuality, he is an agent of the Harvest, a shadowy organization headed by Dr. Kevin Christie. He is portrayed by Tim Hopper.


In St. Louis, an epicenter for an outbreak of the Stearns Flu, Dale Warwick visits a cafe and meets Michael Stearns, who has been talking with some protesters inside the cafe. Stearns is a scientist who has developed a vaccine and cure for the flu and who is seeking entry into the hotzone. Warwick tells Stearns that his daughter Charlotte is inside the hotzone, but he has no idea whether or not she's infected. The two return to the entrance to the hotzone and protest together outside, until an Army private informs Stearns that he has been granted access. Stearns then comments that he won't go in without his "partner," Warwick, and the private agrees to admit Warwick as well.

Upon entry, the two discover Charlotte in one the field tents that have been set up, infected with the flu. They tell her that Stearns has a potential cure for the flu and Warwick pleads with Stearns to test it on Charlotte. Stearns asks a few basic questions about Charlotte's health and finally agrees to test the cure on her. After Stearns leaves the tent, another girl, Lily, that looks just like Charlotte, enters the tent. She and Warwick remove their protective gear and Kevin Christie enters. He hugs both of the girls, calling them his "sweethearts," and asks if they've decided. Lily replies that they wanted him to pick and though he demurs at first, he eventually decides on Charlotte, who is to be killed, a supposed victim of the flu, while Lily takes her place, supposedly having had a miraculous recovery.

Dale Warwick commits suicide

Following this decision, Warwick begins to unravel. He describes the actions they are taking as murder and expresses remorse for the loss of Charlotte, despite his not actually being the biological father of him or Lily. Despite this, he continues to play his role, pretending to Stearns that he is ecstatic about his daughter's recovery and appearing in front of the cameras, talking up Stearns and his vaccine. He then returns to live with Lily in a suburban home that the Harvest has prepared for them. However, things get complicated when Stearns unexpectedly arrives at the home, wanting to talk with them both and followup on Charlotte's medical treatment. Warwick tries to usher Stearns out quickly, but he is too late for Stearns not to notice the pristine condition of the interior of the home, making it obvious that it has not been lived in. After Stearns leaves, Warwick begins going around the house, unpacking things, messing up the floor and otherwise changing its appearance to give it a lived-in feel. Before leaving, he slaps a sticker on one of the walls, bearing a picture of rabbit and the slogan "Nature Helps Kids Nurture." He then walks outside, through a field and into the middle of a road, committing suicide by allowing a truck to slam into him.

The agents of the Harvest are thrown by Warwick's suicide. Kevin Christie's son, Thomas, has them to get to work, creating a fake profile of Warwick to go out to the news media. Michael Stearns sees the report of Warwick's suicide on the news, but is confused by the whole thing. He sees Warwick's home on the news and realizes that the interior doesn't look anything like what he saw before. Convinced that something is off about the whole situation, he begins looking more closely and in examining footage, discovers the sticker with the slogan that Warwick placed on the wall. By searching the slogan, he is able to connect it to a traveling petting zoo farm that has visited every city in which the supposed flu outbreak has been spreading.