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Ian Johnson is one of the main characters in the British television series Utopia, as well as its American remake, in which he is known as Ian Ackerman.

Utopia (UK)[]

"Yesterday I was arrested for a sex crime, today I'm on the run from ex-government nutters who want to pull out my eyes! I'm a fucking IT consultant."

He is an IT consultant who hankers after a more exciting life, somehow having never managed to break away from the ordinary. He is stuck in a job that he thinks he's too good for and still lives at home with his mother at age 28.

He is one of the four forum users "chosen" by Bejan Chervo to view the Utopia 2 manuscript, along with Becky, Wilson Wilson, and Grant Leetham. Before Bejan can meet with the rest of them at the bar, he is killed, though Ian, Becky, and Wilson don't know it yet. Becky and Ian attempt to have a drunken one night stand that fails due to Ian being too inebriated to maintain an erection.

Ian, Becky, and Wilson go on the run after it becomes clear that people are after them for being involved with the manuscript. Ian is the least resistant to leave his past life because he hates his job and feels so unfulfilled, though he does worry about the possibility of his brother being targeted by the Network.

Soon after, the group is found by Jessica Hyde, and Ian is taken on as her favourite within the group. She teaches him how to steal cars and takes him with her to several interrogations. Though Ian is at first shocked by Jessica's pragmatic tactics and dubious morality, he goes along with her strategies much more readily than Becky does. Becky becomes jealous and taciturn towards Ian, though they still have angry sex. Ian is repeatedly shown to be more concerned with emotions than Becky is, or at least more willing to articulate them, and wants them to have a semi-normal relationship.

Ian, Becky, and Wilson are the first of the group to make contact with Milner, and she gives him a phone. For the most part, Ian is the primary member in charge of communications with Milner.

In their time in the dilapidated mansion, Ian makes a dinner of "crisps and fanta" for Becky and tells her that he likes her. They enjoy each other's company and seem to agree that they have serious feelings for each other. Unbeknownst to them, Jessica is watching through the window. Not long after, she corners Ian and puts a gun to his head, forcing him to call Milner and leave a message, kissing him on the lips before she leaves.