"What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?"
—An oft-asked question by Kevin Christie

Dr. Kevin Christie is one of the main characters in the American version of television series Utopia. He is portrayed by John Cusack.

Christie is an influential entrepreneur on the top of the economic food chain, trying to make the world a better place. Some of his work focuses on efforts to preserve human life, thus preserving the future. The character is original to remake, not having a counterpart in the British series.[2] He is the CEO of a multinational corporation producing new food sources. He often asks of his family members: "What have you done to earn your place in this crowded world?"[3] His character is someone who believes that the ends justify the means and that he is the one who must take up responsibility.[4] People follow him in a "cult of personality."[5] As part of his work, he has developed a controversial meat substitute.[6]

In truth, all of Christie's research is a front. He secretly oversees an organization called the Harvest, the goal of which is to reduce the world's overpopulation. As such, they have enacted a plan to supposedly inoculate the entire world against a deadly flu epidemic. In truth, the alleged vaccine actually contains a compound which renders anyone injected with it sterile, a plot known as "the Undoing."

Although he has a number of adoptive children, his only biological son is Thomas Christie. As such, some people feel that he coddles Thomas because of this. His wife is Laura Christie. He is normally a fairly level-headed individual, but is prone to sudden outbursts of anger when things do not go his way or people defy the plans that he has laid out for them. He is a smooth talker and is sometimes able to convert people to his point of view simply by talking to them.

History[edit | edit source]

The Simpro interview[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kevin Christie bikes to work, where he discuses his upcoming interview regarding his new product, an artificial meat called Simpro. His son, Thomas Christie, that the interview will be with Hailey Alvez and that she's done a favorable report on his measles vaccination in the past, so it should go okay. Unfortunately for Christie, however, the interview does not go at all as he had hoped. Alvez instead accuses Christie of testing a possibly unsafe product on poor children and even suggests that it may be responsible for flu outbreak. Later, Christie turns off a broadcast of the interview during a family meal, then asks in turn what each of the members of his family have done to earn their place in this crowded world.

In the wake of the interview, government agents raid Christie Labs and shut down production on Simpro, taking samples. He tries to argue with an agent named Toni Tambler that what they're doing is a mistake, pleading with her to allow them to continue production while they do their tests. She instead suggests that they stop killing children while they try to figure things out and Kevin's son Thomas shouts about government overreach.

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