Lane Monroe
First Appearance S1E4
Last Appearance S1E4
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation CEO of Pergus Holdings
Status Deceased
UK Mitchell Mullen

Lane Monroe appeared in Utopia's fourth episode of its first series. He ran secret nerve agent research for the CIA before becoming the CEO of Pergus Holdings, a major food production company with subsidiaries in Europe, Africa and South America, in 1993. When questioned by Wilson, Monroe admits to have created a protein called the 'GCHN1 protein' for The Network which was bred into foodstuffs. It contained a harmless amino acid which helped with food softening and was made to create corn with softer husks, perfect for animal feeding. However, when the subject is brought up by Becky, Monroe reveals he knows of Janus. Before he can be questioned further, however, Conran Letts interrupts with a vaccine sample to test and Alice ends up shooting him through the stomach with a shotgun, believing him to have caused her mother's death.