First Appearance S01E03
Last Appearance S02E05
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Spy
Status Dead
UK Geraldine James, Rose Leslie (Young Milner)

"I'm Milner. Now, I need you to come round here and fire both barrels of that shotgun into his head."
Milner, also known as Letan, is an MI5 agent, the head of the Network, and the true identity of Mr. Rabbit.

Background Edit

Milner's background is hazy, as is the question of which of her names is her "real" one. The Assistant is the only character to call her Letan in conversation; most others default to Milner. Milner was married to a man named Tom, but his surname is never revealed and he never refers to her by name.

Season 1 Edit

The Tramp is the first character to mention Milner; he tells Jessica Hyde to contact her, saying Milner is "like [them]. Works in secret. Trusts no one."

Season 2 Edit

Milner hugs Arby and sends him on a mission to kill Donaldson. Milner's encounter with Arby surprises Lee; he even remarks, "You're being uncharacteristically soft."

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