Stay Alive, Jessica Hyde is the eighth and final episode of the first season of the Prime Video series Utopia. It, along with the other episodes of the series, were released on September 25, 2020.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the season finale, as the world eagerly awaits Christie's vaccine, Jessica and the group must race to stop the Undoing.

Plot[edit | edit source]

World-improving omnivirus[edit | edit source]

A virus revealed on the edges of the pages of the Utopia comic

The group drags Kevin Christie's duct-taped body inside Michael Stearns's house as Thomas Christie watches a group of people eagerly lining up to get the flu vaccine. His phone chimes and he receives an alert that disturbs him. He races through a factory floor, meeting with members of the Harvest. He tells them to "find him" and says that if any of them see Jessica, he wants her alive. He says, however, that if any of them see Arby, he doesn't care what they do to him. Back at Stearns's, Jessica Hyde finishes removing the duct-tape from Christie's head and mouth. He observes the group standing before him. "Jessica Hyde. Finally," he says. He asks if she remember him at all, that he used to give her cookies. He says it's not where he expected to be hours before he shipped. He says he wants to thank them for coming Jessica asks Michael Stearns if he cares whether Christie bleeds in his house. "Go ahead," replies Stearns. Wilson Wilson sets salt, bleach and a spoon before Christie, the same torture tools that were used on him. Christie asks Stearns where his "lovely wife" is and then sees Colleen's corpse, calling her one of their "best girls." He calls her a sleeper cell that might never have been activated. He says that Stearns was surprisingly unpredictable. "To Colleen, who respected her purpose at every turn," he says.

He tells Stearns that Charlotte and Lily came from either Ukraine or Romania. He continues that a lot of important work gets sidelined because people aren't stubborn enough, but not him. He tells Jessica that she has a purpose too, asking if she's curious. She takes a knife, exposing a tattoo on Christie's leg. She says it means that he's Mr. Rabbit. "He'll have murdered millions," comments Ian and Christie says that he doesn't have it. He says that in 2004, Becky was a schoolchild in one of three towns. "Durham," confirms Becky and he tells her that a nurse gave her a spray which gave her Diels syndrome. He says it was when they were thinking small - give a small part of the population a fatal illness that's genetic. He asks if she has children. He continues that he'd almost forgotten about Diels. Stearns says that he chooses to rain down misery and death and Stearns says again that he doesn't have it. "How much evil do you have to do to do good?" he asks. Stearns replies that the answer is none. Meanwhile, Alice puts together the pages of the Utopia comic in a spiral. It reveals the pattern of a virus. Jessica demands from Christie to know what it is. He asks if she likes science and she tells him that it's the end. He says they're all standing around listening to him talk instead of running as fast they can. It tells him it means they're not going to last because people think humans are driven by the search to happiness, but in fact it's by the search to know what happens next. He tells her that her father created a world-changing, "world-improving" omnivirus, which they have now placed inside the vaccine. He asks if none of them would like to come and work for him. He says what they're doing is far bigger than death. He asks what they've done to earn their place in the crowded world. A van pulls up outside the house and a bunch of people get out, members of the Harvest. He explains that they didn't have to kill to accomplish their goal. As two members of the Harvest prepare to breach the house, Arby, now going by "John," shows up and kills them. Back inside, Christie explains that the virus will stop human reproduction for three generation. "You're sterilizing people?" Wilson asks, and he nods.

Destroying the vaccines, taking the egg[edit | edit source]

The group among the wreckage of the alleged vaccines

Christie says that humanity is killing everything around it and he's going to stop the march. Outside, John continues his killing spree. Inside, Christie says that if things keep going the way they are, it'll be too late to save the world. He says he loves the planet and he decided to take care of the problem. He talks about all the problems in the world that will end if only overpopulation is stopped. "At ten billion, we have to live strategically," he says. Alice says that he can't just decide, but he replies that he can and he did, calling himself a stern parent. Jessica asks why he wants to kill her and he says he wants her back, that she belongs to him. He shows him her starburst. He says it's an inoculation scar, a gift from her father, tested on her. "You won't be having any children," he replies, saying her father didn't care bout her at all and kept her locked in a yellow cage. He tells her it should be underlined in blood that she belongs to him. The group discusses just what to do, but Stearns wonders how they would even get in. Stearns tells them that they might even get injured or killed, but they agree they're prepared. He notes also that they can't win without destroying the Mother Egg with the original egg. They also still have to deal with Christie. Wilson says that he knows how they'll do it - they'll film Christie confessing that it was a mass-money scheme and that he killed hundreds of children. He'll then turn the camera off and shoot himself in the head. He says that people will talk about it for generations to come, that it'll be the grandfather of all conspiracy theories. Jessica asks Christie how they get into the facility. He tells them that there's no point, asking if they all want to die. He then says they'll have to take his thumb. So Becky chops it off.

The group leaves, sans Wilson, but then Jessica stays behind too. She tells the group that they're ready, that they can do it without her. She sends them on their way, telling them it's time to go. She watches as they drive away, then meets with John, who is standing in front of his victims. She pulls out a gun, but he tells her to not be afraid, that he was born to help her. He pulls out a page of Utopia, telling her that he's her brother. She tells him that she wants to go Home. He asks if she's sure and she nods. He agrees to take her. He says she's not well. "Stay alive, Jessica Hyde," he tells her. The group arrives outside ChristieBio, pulling up, slamming through the barrier and tossing an explosive. The guards start shooting at the car, but head up to it to find it empty, the group already rushing into the entrance and cans of gasoline inside the car, which create a massive explosion. Alarms start blaring and the group takes out another guard. They use the thumb to get inside, entering a massive warehouse containing the vaccine. Stearns lowers the door. The guards start pounding at the door, trying to break it down. Ian rushes forward, using a golf club to whack open s case, then empties out vials of vaccines and starts stomping on them. Back at the safe house, Christie calls Wilson a unique thinker. He tells Wilson that it takes effort and resolve to lead a meaningful life. Wilson tells him to say the words. He reads out a speech, but Christie tells he's not saying any of it. He tells him to just shoot him. He says that he respects resolve and that he thought Americans might like their plan, because it requires no resolve. They're helping people to not do something. Wilson seems amused by the idea, but then says that Christie murdered his dad. He says that he killed his own protege, referencing Cara Frostfield. He killed children too, even though he likes children.. He says that their movement requires clarity and sacrifice, and he thinks Wilson understands that. He says that he has five kids that he loves dearly, but they take up a lot of energy. "Imagine the global groan of goddamn relief," he tells Wilson. Wilson says again that Christie murdered his family and picks up the gun again, demanding that Christie say the words. Christie suggests he try the spoon.

Back at the warehouse, the guards drive a truck at the door, barely managing to dent it. The group continues their slow destruction of the vaccines. Just then, Grant and Alice drive up on a carts. With these new tools, they do tons of damage, knocking down the crates of vaccines en masse. Stearns really gets into it, driving like a maniac and Ian and Becky using fire extinguishes to thrash vials of vaccines. Ian gives Becky a ring and they kiss, as box after box of vials collapses. There is a loud bang at the garage as Stearns says that he has to go find the Mother Egg. They then light a bottle bomb and toss into the big stack of crates. Christie enters the lab and finds the egg. He turns the temperature on the egg incubator up to max, shattering the remaining eggs, but taking the Mother Egg. The group uses the thumb to escape and the guards enter the warehouse, but can do nothing but watch as the sprinklers come on, drenching them and ruining everything that is left. Michael dons a ChristieBio hat and suit and escapes the facility with a group that is evacuating. Thomas Christie comes over the P.A., saying that they're under attack by bioterrorists and they're on lockdown. On the road, Jessica and John listen to radio broadcast saying that the "terrorists" got everything. She tells John that her friends did good. They arrive at the entrance of Christie Farms, or Home. Becky, Grant, Ian and Alice run away into the countryside from ChristieBio. Ian wants to stop running, but Becky and Grant race ahead, finding walking boring. Just then, a cop car of the Chicago Police passes by. Ian and Alice manage to hide, but Becky and Grant are caught out in the open. Another cop car pulls up and they recognize Grant as a wanted mass shooter. Becky manages to run away, but Grant is captured. Ian and Alice jet for it also, realizing they can't do anything to help Grant.

I'm Home[edit | edit source]

A new journey begins...

Jessica and John arrive Home. She sees all the children playing and John says that children can hear things and go places that grown-ups can't, that they can be useful. He says he wishes he wasn't the way he is and Jessica says it doesn't have to be like that. Becky eludes the cops, and then a vehicle pulls up before her. Wilson gets out of the car, shouting at her to get in. She does so, and inside is... Kevin Christie. "Hi," he says to her. She turns to Wilson, shocked. She rattles the door handle, trying to get out, but there is no escape. "We trusted you," she groans. She tells Christie that they've won, that they wiped him out. "Just until I find Jessica Hyde," he replies. He says he has a hunch. Wilson tells her it's okay and she swears at him. Christie recites poetry at her. Ian and Alice run, while Stearns drives away, carrying the Mother Egg out of Chicago.

At Home, John tells Jessica that they kept her house for her, just in case. They arrive before it, the bright yellow house from her childhood. Two white rabbits graze outside. She enters the house, which is still fully furnished and contains child's toys. She looks around and then enters her old bedroom. Inside is a bed with her initials on the headboard - JH. She examines height markings of her at ages up to twelve years old. She tosses the pages of Utopia on the bed and stares around at the room, setting her gun on the bedside table. She examines a gas mask by the side of the bed and then collapses onto it. Behind her, somebody puts on a record. John listens outside to the song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Lily comes up and stands next to him. They greet each other and John says that Jessica is happy. Upstairs, the woman who put on the record tells Jessica that her blood is slowly saving her. She tells her to be grateful and remember that when the next part begins, and she is revealed to be Agent Katherine Milner. "Is Homeland here?" asks Jessica and she replies that she isn't Homeland, she's Home. She reveals a tattoo like Christie's.

Jessica sits up with a jolt, reaching for her gun, but finding it gone. "But Christie..." she says and Milner tells her that they've parted ways, but that he doesn't know it yet. She says they have different definitions of what Utopia means. Aggravated, Jessica grabs the pages of the comic and tosses them out the window. John and Lily watch, as upstairs, Milner tells Jessica that she doesn't want Utopia, that it was just bait, Jessica's very own hero's journey. She tells Jessica to come Home, saying that they're not just going to save the world, but rebirth it. She says that she and her father had a vision, a paradise called Utopia where people would behave and act correctly, freed of their biological shortcomings and impulses. She says that now humans will be immune from all of their cruel impulses. She rips open Jessica's clothing to reveal a pattern of red scars on her back, calling her a "shitty little thing," but that she carries the future on her back, waiting to be harvested. She wraps Jessica in her blanket and turns out the house's lights. Outside, John comments "Stay alive, Jessica Hyde." Milner heads downstairs and to the basement of the house. She opens a bolted door, where from behind a man is seen, scribbling rapidly. The camera zooms in to reveal a page of a comic, in the same style as Utopia. "I have your daughter," Milner tells the man.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode and the premiere "Life Begins" are the only episodes of the U.S. remake with no teaser before the opening credits sequence.
  • Jeanine Serralles is credited as Colleen despite appearing only as a corpse.
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