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Thomas Christie is one of the main characters in the American version of television series Utopia. He is portrayed by Cory Michael Smith.

Thomas is the bright and ambitious son of Dr. Kevin Christie, whom he works under at Christie Laboratories. He becomes tasked with tracking down the only copy of the much sought after graphic novel, Utopia, for less than benevolent reasons.[1] He is often at the lead when comes to meetings of the Harvest, carrying out his father's will.

Thomas is Kevin's only biological child, though Kevin has several other adoptive children. Some people feel that Kevin coddles Thomas, protecting him from the sacrifices that he would ask of others. Thomas had a twin, but it died in utero, and Kevin sometimes wonders how he might have treated Thomas differently if the twin had survived. Thomas's mother is Laura Christie.

Compared to his father, Thomas is somewhat less level-headed, acting angry in situations where his father would behave coolly and lashing out at people. Despite this, Thomas does seem to get some of his temper from his father, who can become very angry when truly upset about something.


"This one is a bit of a broken record. "Where is Jessica Hyde?" This is like a little turdy pop song that's stuck in my head. I wake up in the middle of the night, take a piss, and there it is."
—Thomas Christie expressing his frustrations at a meeting of the Harvest, "not slow not bad"

Two-pronged problem[]

Thomas Christie, hosting a meeting of the Harvest

Thomas Christie watches as his father, Kevin, gives an interview about his new Simpro product. He watches as the interview goes disastrously wrong, with Kevin walking out of the interview, and complains that he's just made sure that the interview will lead every broadcast. Later, he is present at a family dinner, where Kevin asks the members of his family a question, "What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?" Thomas replies that he worked for his father, but Kevin tells him that he's become his own man.

Thomas is present when a group of government officials raid Christie Labs, believing the Simpro product to possibly be connected to a deadly flu outbreak. While Kevin remains calm, Thomas shouts about government overreach and promises consequences. Following this, Thomas discusses with Kevin the problem of Michael Stearns, a college scientist who was supposed to help them to greenlight a vaccine for the flu that their company produces. He had thought Stearns had "no balls," but it turned out otherwise.

Thomas bikes to Christie Labs with Kevin, where he hosts a meeting of a group called the Harvest. He tells the group that they have a twin problem: they need to deal with Michael Stearns, who is trying to get into the St. Louis Hotzone and they need to find a boy named Grant who is in possession of the manuscript to a comic called Utopia. A woman named Cara states that they need to start manufacturing the vaccine now and they need to get everyone in the world looking for Grant. She balks, however, when Thomas suggests a plan to frame Grant for a mass-shooting, but everyone else in the room seems to think that it's a good idea. He claims that she's having second thoughts because she's a mother and tells her to "lean in." Cara later ends up reporting her doubts about Thomas to Kevin Christie, which ends up resulting in herself and her own family becoming the victims of the mass shooting.

Thomas and Kevin discuss the death of Charlotte, Lily's twin who was used as a doppelganger to convince Michael Stearnrs that his flu vaccine is effective. They agree that her death was a meaningful one and say that it's time to head home. Kevin asks Thomas if he knows that he too was a twin, but that his twin didn't survive. He sometimes wonders if he dotes on Thomas because of his being his only biological child and Thomas tells him that's something they need to work on. Later, Thomas gives "Order 2472" to start the production of the supposed vaccine.

A good idea[]

Thomas driving, wearing a grin on his face

Thomas and Kevin Christie are busy discussing possible replacements for Cara when Arby, an assassin of the Harvest, shows up. Kevin Christie asks him where Jessica Hyde and Utopia are and he replies that Utopia is with Jessica Hyde. Enraged at Arby's defiance, Thomas starts slapping him and then grabs a rock from him and tries to attack him. He calls him off, telling him to go to his room and to give Arby back his rock. Later, Thomas with Kevin when they see a news report that Dale Warwick, the man they had posing as Charlotte's father, has committed suicide. Thomas meets with the agents of the Harvest, working with them to try to put together a fake profile on Dale Warwick that will withstand media scrutiny.

Thomas is later present when an interview comes on television in which Lily claims that Dale Warwick was abusive to her. Kevin Christie rages at this, saying that they're the ones who make up the stories, and orders Arby to get Lily under control. Not long afterwards, Thomas reports to Kevin, telling him that "Operation Fun" has been deployed, referencing a plot to keep Michael Stearns under control by framing him for having porn on his laptop. He promises Kevin that once Stearns is no longer needed, he'll get "the full anthrax treatment." Kevin is pleased, telling Thomas that he really needed him to have a good idea. Later, the two pat each other on the back as their plan to push a supposed vaccine for the flu goes forward.

Thomas Christie is watching a group of eager individuals lining up for the flu vaccine when he receives a disturbing phone call, the essence of which is that Arby went rogue and captured Kevin Christie, delivering him to Michael Stearns's place to be interrogated by Jessica Hyde. He races through a factory floor, meeting with the Harvest and telling them to retrieve Kevin Christie and bring back Jessica Hyde if possible. He later issues a lockdown at Christie Labs when Jessica Hyde's friends attack the labs, destroying the vials of the supposed vaccine, which Christie revealed to them actually contains a compound called "the Undoing," which they had intended to use to sterilize people, ending the problem of overpopulation. He is last seen driving a car containing Kevin Christie and Wilson Wilson, who have captured Becky Todd, part of the group who destroyed the Undoing vials. With Wilson turned to their side, Kevin and Thomas plan to find Jessica Hyde and put their plan back into motion.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Although Thomas Christie's actor, Cory Michael Smith, appears in the credits for the premiere episode "Life Begins," his character does not actually appear until the second episode "Just a Fanboy."


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